Outdoor Living


Outdoor Living. Ready to build an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, fireplace, patio, deck, courtyard, pool house or retaining wall? Enjoy the potential of the environment outside of the four walls of your home with Daniel Davis Construction. Our design and landscape partners can help you find new ways to transform your outdoor spaces, creating a home-away-from-home where you can spend time with your loved ones or just simply relax. 

Our experienced team can bring your vision to life—whether you want a place where you can enjoy the silent peace of your natural surroundings, or an elaborate new location to entertain and impress guests. Explore what you can do with your outdoor spaces, and add a new dimension to your home you’ve never considered.

Porches & Decks. Beautify your home by adding or remodeling a porch or deck with Daniel Davis Construction. In addition to increasing curb appeal and resale value, a new porch can make excellent use of your home’s space, providing a fresh dimension that casts your home in a new light.

We can help you craft a personalized space that works with your current home’s style and architecture, from small entry areas to spacious screened enclosures. Together, we’ll help you create a unique area that reflects your personality and highlights your home’s exterior.

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