Home Additions


Home Additions. Ready to build onto your home for a family room, home office, exercise room, master suite, dining room or entertainment room? The experts at Daniel Davis Construction can provide new custom home solutions by expanding your living space with an addition. A custom addition will add the finishing touch to your house, providing you with the space to truly personalize your home. 

Garages. By building a new garage or remodeling your current one, you’re doing more than adding storage and increasing your home’s value—you’re exploring the creative potential offered by new spaces. A garage can store more than a vehicle; it can be a workshop, a personal retreat away from the bustle of the house proper, a chic guest suite, and much more.

At Daniel Davis Construction, we can help you design and build possibilities, adding new dimensions to your home customized to your desires. Experience the opportunities provided by a new or custom garage, lovingly crafted according to your exact specifications.

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